• Most Valuable Pioneer (MVP) Archive
    Each month while school is in session, we will recognize exemplary employees that make up our exceptional school system. 
  • Announcing the August 2019 MVPs -- Most Valuable Pioneers: Our Brand-New Teachers - WELCOME!
    Congratulations, and THANK YOU, to this month's Most Valuable Pioneers! In the teacher shortage era, the last week before school felt a little like the wild, wild west here, but thanks to these wonderful folks we had every post filled before the first day of school...and once again, working in this district and community drew strong teachers our way.
    Welcome and Congratulations to Mr. Tim Taylor (5th grade), Ms. Nicole Solomon (5th Grade), Mrs. Sandy Hargraves (transferring to Special Education), Ms. Jena Schafer (Art), Mr. Tim Veenkant (4th Grade), and Mrs. Andrea English (Kindergarten). These folks all want to be a part of the great things happening here at Clare, and their willingness to jump at the last minute opportunities only strengthens our district and increases their value. If you happen to see them, a warm welcome goes a long way in our community.
    Thank you for your willingness to make Clare a great place to live and learn!

    New Teachers      New Teachers 2

  • Announcing the May 2019 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Mr. Larry Bole, Clare Public Schools Volunteer
    Congratulations to Mr. Larry Bole, our MVP (Most Valuable Pioneer) for the month of May! Mr. Bole has been a volunteer for Clare Public Schools since 2008. During this time, he has dedicated thousands of hours assisting 4th-8th grade students in their studies by serving as a one-on-one mentor. Larry's favorite school subject was math. This is evident through his passion and mission of making sure each student is successful in mastering a true number sense before he or she goes on to the next grade level.
    Larry and his wife live in Farwell. He is a current member of the Clare Church of the Nazarene. His favorite moments are spending time with his wife and grandkids and cutting wood. Larry is also a proud veteran who served as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps.
    Congratulations, and thank you Mr. Bole for making Clare a great place to live and learn!

    Larry Bole

  • Announcing the April 2019 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Danielle Haring, Pioneer High School Teacher
    Congratulations to Danielle Haring, our MVP (Most Valuable Pioneer) for the month of April. Danielle has had an extremely positive impact on Pioneer High School this year, instrumental in the creation and implementation of our new High School STEM course. Through her leadership, our outdoor learning lab provides students the opportunity to learn about horticulture, vermiculture, and aquaculture. She has helped form positive partnerships with the Little Forks Conservancy and Clare County's 4-H Program. She wrote and received a grant from the Clare Community Foundation to purchase an aquarium for our lobby. The aquarium will be used for authentic learning projects by our Chemistry and Biology courses. Throughout the school year, she has volunteered to sell cotton candy at events to raise funds for our students. The students of Pioneer High School are benefiting from the leadership and dedication of Ms. Haring, and we thank her for making Clare a great place to live and learn!

    Danielle Haring

  • Announcing the March 2019 MVP(s) -- Most Valuable Pioneer(s): The Clare Public Schools Custodians!
    They are exceptional, dedicated folks who keep our buildings and facilities looking tip-top.
    Congratulations to Mr. Scott Lubs, Percy Moultrie, Bernie McNerney (not pictured), Don Perry, Tammy Teall, Lisa Wyse, Angela Cipolletti, Tom Robison, Renea Phillips, Deanna Snear, and Stacie Livermore. Though most of our facilities are well into their mid-life, these folks keep rooms/hallways/gymnasiums and much more clean, disinfected, and ready for students throughout the entire year. You know we have a very busy school district after school hours, and these folks also take care of event set-up, tear-down, and clean up ON TOP of their regular schedules.
    We wouldn't be who we are, or perform as well, without each of these folks making Clare a very special place to live and learn! Thank you, and Congratulations!


  • Announcing the February 2019 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Erin Murphy, Clare High School Counselor
    Mrs. Murphy joined us as our High School Counselor this past summer and has hit the ground running full speed. In addition to scheduling and day-to-day activities, Erin has integrated into CPS with ease and quickly earned the trust of our young people. She created our Grief Group to support students who are dealing with the loss of loved ones. Mrs. Murphy was also instrumental in creating and organizing our first Cocoa & Cram session to help support freshmen students preparing for exams (not to mention turning NHS students into mentors as they assisted). She's also adept at teaching young people and supporting their growth, focused on each one becoming all they are intended to become.

    Congratulations Mrs. Murphy, and thanks for making Clare a great place to live and learn!

    Erin Murphy

  • Announcing the January 2019 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Kalysta Leary, Clare Primary School Teacher
    Congratulations to Mrs. Kalysta Leary, Clare's MVP (Most Valuable Pioneer) for the month of January. Mrs. Leary is in her fourth year of teaching, working with 2nd graders again this year. She is respected by her colleagues and is acting as grade level chairperson. Mrs. Leary is completing the #bookadaychallenge with her class, in which they read a picture book every school day and record it as a class. Beyond the classroom, Mrs. Leary is one of the co-leaders of Maker Club, which meets monthly after school - the goal of Maker Club is to give students a place to explore, create, collaborate, solve problems, and learn new things. Kalysta is a part of our strategic planning team, and valued for her forward-thinking insights among many other skills.

    Congratulations Mrs. Leary, and thanks for making Clare a great place to live and learn!

    Kalysta Leary

  • Announcing the December 2018 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Terri Beatty, Clare Middle and High School Teacher
    Mrs. Beatty teaches drama and sociology to students at CMS and CHS. She is a deeply caring teacher who is respected by co-workers and students alike. You can always tell when a teacher has had a strong impact on students' lives by the number of them who come back to visit well after high school. Mrs. Beatty is a magnetic personality. In addition to her day to day teaching responsibilities, she puts in countless hours working tirelessly to be sure her students have the right props, stage equipment, and scripts. She advises the Drama Club, organizing trips to see productions that would otherwise go unseen by many students in a district the size of CPS.
    Finally, Mrs. Beatty is always willing to jump in and help. She can be found chaperoning spectator buses, organizing lunch time games for students, running the scoreboard at games, or just being a listening ear to a struggling student. Mrs. Beatty is always willing to go above and beyond.
    Clare is a great place to live and learn because of people like Mrs. Terri Beatty! Congratulations, and thank you for being our MVP!

    Terri Beatty

  • Announcing the November 2018 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Nikki Witbeck, Clare High School Academic Interventionist
    Mrs. Witbeck serves as an interventionist at the high school. She has been instrumental in the dramatic increase in the success rate of our online students. Her caring and persistent nature in ensuring students are on task, and on pace to complete their courses is key to their success. In addition, Mrs. Witbeck has been meeting with students who are struggling academically. She has provided aid to students in organizing their work and checks in with them regularly to see that they are on task. At the quarter Mrs. Witbeck took it upon herself to develop academic contracts for all students who were failing a course, developing a plan with each student to help them be successful. She has also established an academic support program after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays where students can get extra help on homework and study skills to further aid in their success. Mrs. Witbeck's strong work ethic and ambitious demeanor are a great asset to our students.

    Thanks Mrs. Witbeck for helping make Clare a great place to live and learn!

    Nikki Witbeck

  • Announcing the October 2018 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Joe Young, Clare Public Schools Crossing Guard
    Congratulations to Mr. Joe Young, our MVP for the month of October. Joe has been a crossing guard for Clare Public Schools since 1996.
    He works with our kids and community to save lives and to help kids get off to a great start at school each day. He talks with kids, gets to know them, wishes them each a good day, and is always positive. Joe is ever-present...it'd be nearly impossible to find a school day without him at his post crossing students safely.
    Thanks, Joe Young, for making Clare a great (and SAFE) place to live and learn!
    Joe Young
  • Announcing the September 2018 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Jann Cleary, Clare High School Teacher
    Congratulations to Mrs. Jann Cleary, the MVP (Most Valuable Pioneer) for the month of September.
    "Incredible" is the word most often used to describe Mrs. Cleary by her principal. Jann is an exemplary representative of the teaching profession, puts in countless hours for kids, and jumps in to help the school and community without hesitation. She's a teacher, coach, BPA leader, yearbook advisor, mentor and friend.
    Congratulations Mrs. Jann Cleary! You make Clare a great place to live and learn!
    Jann Cleary
    Announcing the May 2018 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Dave Teall, Maintenance
    Congratulations to Mr. Dave Teall, the MVP (Most Valuable Pioneer) for the month of May. Dave has worked for CPS for over 40 years, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more dedicated steward of all things Clare. Mr. Teall has a great work ethic and sense of humor, both necessary to stay at this job so long. He can often be found on campus after hours or on weekends just checking to make sure all is well at our facilities. Need something? Asking Dave is the fastest and best way to see that it is done and finished correctly. Thanks Mr. Dave Teall for making Clare a great place to live and learn, and for being an example for us all.
    Dave Teall
    Announcing the April 2018 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Kat Kruskamp, Middle School Teacher
    Congratulations to Mrs. Kat Kruskamp, middle school special education teacher.  Kat is an exceptional educator.  We are recognizing her this month for going above and beyond normal expectations in helping to integrate two new teachers to the district and special education processes.  She has been a sounding board for our new special educators, helped with writing IEP's, and advised on many cases that are not her direct responsibility in support of students and the district.  All this while supervising a student teacher!  Through it all, Mrs. Kruskamp is a friendly and helpful Pioneer, and does all things with Clare Public Schools in mind.  Congratulations Kat!
    Kat Kruskamp