• Graduation Requirements
  • To receive a high school diploma from Clare Public Schools, and to satisfy the state mandated Michigan Merit Curriculum, students must meet the following requirements:

    Total required credits - 24
    Required courses:
    • 4 credits of English Language Arts
    • 4 credits of mathematics (including algebra, geometry and advanced algebra)
    • 3 credits of science (including general science, biology and chemistry or physics)
    • 3 credits of social studies (U.S.history, government/economics, and world history)
    • 0.5 credit of health
    • 0.5 credit of physical education
    • 1 credit visual, performing or applied arts
    • 1 credit of online learning experience
    • 1 High School credit of Foreign Language
    Completion of all three parts of the Michigan Merit Exam

    Students who do not fulfill the above requirements, may be eligible for a certificate of completion in lieu of a diploma. Contact the guidance office for more details.

    Students graduating from Clare High School must meet all course requirements, have a minimum of 24 credits and have successfully completed eight (8) semesters of high school courses.

    All of the evolving provisions of the Personal Curriculum mandated by the Michigan Department of Education will be followed. Students and parents wishing to explore those options may obtain information in the guidance office.

    Course progressions and sequencing will be maintained to provide for optimal learning. For example, the progression in English is English 9 for freshmen, English 10 for sophomores, English 11 for juniors and English 12 for seniors. Most departments have similar progressions and sequencing. Courses from multiple levels cannot be taken concurrently unless credit recovery is involved.

    Exceptions for special extenuating circumstances can be discussed with the principal.

    Seniors deficient in credits toward graduation may earn credits at Pioneer High School. All such courses must be authorized by the principal. Courses required for graduation will not be authorized unless it is impossible to acquire the credit through regular scheduling.

    With the exception of those students who are dual enrolling, all underclassmen shall have a full schedule of 7 credits per year, 3.5 per semester (students taking Jazz Band may accumulate 7.5 credits for the year and 3.75 for the semester). Seniors may carry 6 courses if they have approved co-op or dual enrollment courses that require travel time. All exceptions must be approved by the principal.