• Testing Information
  • Career Cruising has a component called Method Test Prep.  It has the new and old SAT modules.

    Khan Academy is the only test prep for the new SAT.  Click here to access their site  http://www.khanacademy.org
    MME Testing
    The State of Michigan requires that all students take the MME test during their high school careers. Typically, students take the test in the Spring of their junior year. Students can also earn a Career Readiness Certificate if they perform well on the WorkKeys portion of the MME.

    The SAT is a national test for college bound students that some colleges use in determining admissions. All students will take the SAT for free as part of the MME junior year. Students who would like to take the test to improve their score will need to do so on a national testing date. Information is available in the Guidance Office regarding specific testing dates and registration deadlines. Students can register online at the College Board web site. The SAT test given with the MME is free. All other SAT test dates involve a fee.

    – Offered at CHS in April. There is no fee for this test.  It is given to 9th and 10th grade students.
    The PSAT (Preliminary SAT) is a test that helps students prepare for taking the SAT. The PSAT also serves as the qualifier for the National Merit Scholarship if taken in the fall. The test measures reading, critical thinking, problem solving and writing skills. It is a timed test that allows students to compare themselves with other students nationally who also take the PSAT. This test is a difficult test and one that will definitely challenge a student.