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    2018-2019 MODIFIED
    Friday, April 12th will now be a FULL day of school for students and staff.
    Friday, April 19th (Good Friday) will now be a half day of school for students and staff. In our original calendar, this was a day off. The half day will allow for observance of religious services.
    Adding the 19th alleviates one make up day for the summer, and this keeps our half day total for the year the same as our original calendar (thanks to teachers for helping us reduce half days from previous years).
    Tentatively, our last day of school will be June 20th, however, the legislature is working on possible solutions what would allow for other minor changes in our calendar. For now, we have done all we legally can, and we remain focused on the best schedule for kids at CPS.
    Thanks for your continued support and for making Clare a great place to live and learn!
  • MVP - Most Valuable Pioneer
    Each month while school is in session, we will recognize exemplary employees that make up our exceptional school system. 
    Announcing the March 2019 MVP(s) -- Most Valuable Pioneer(s): The Clare Public Schools Custodians!
    They are exceptional, dedicated folks who keep our buildings and facilities looking tip-top.
    Congratulations to Mr. Scott Lubs, Percy Moultrie, Bernie McNerney (not pictured), Don Perry, Tammy Teall, Lisa Wyse, Angela Cipolletti, Tom Robison, Renea Phillips, Deanna Snear, and Stacie Livermore. Though most of our facilities are well into their mid-life, these folks keep rooms/hallways/gymnasiums and much more clean, disinfected, and ready for students throughout the entire year. You know we have a very busy school district after school hours, and these folks also take care of event set-up, tear-down, and clean up ON TOP of their regular schedules.
    We wouldn't be who we are, or perform as well, without each of these folks making Clare a very special place to live and learn! Thank you, and Congratulations!


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