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    Principal Tom Pashak

    209 East State St.  Clare, MI 48617
    Phone: (989) 386.9979  Fax: (989) 386.4008

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    Clare Public Schools Virtual Education

    Virtual Education 2020-2021

    Middle School Parents: Please CLICK HERE FOR LINK to review and complete this year's Student Acceptable Use Policy and Student Device User Agreement.

    CMS School Improvement Plans:

    If you would like to view the school improvement plan that was constructed by teachers and stake holders in the Clare Community, please click on the school improvement tab on the left side. The last 4 years of school improvement plans are available to download and read over.


    CMS is committed to getting more parent and community involvement occuring during the school year and school day. Please click on the parent involvement plan link below to view how we plan to accomplish this. If you would like to volunteer to help students and staff during the day and have the time, please contact the office to obtain the documentation needed.

    Attendance Line:

    Clare Middle School has a 24-hour attendance line. You will be able to call in at anytime and excuse your student from school. Parents can also use this line to excuse absences at Clare High School. The attendance line number is: 386-1246

    Chrome Books This year, every student at CMS will receive his or her own chrome book. You must have a Student Device agreement and an Acceptable Use Policy agreement filled out prior to being issued a chrome book. They do require a parent's signature, you can pick the forms up at the office or they can be accessed here on the website.

    Chrome book repair:  If students have a school-issued chrome book that is not working properly, students or parents/guardians can drop the device off at the Middle School office. Loaner devices will be available until the student's device is repaired.

    CMS Handbook 
    If you would like to view a copy of the CMS handbook, you can open and download a copy by clicking on the PDF file below. 

    CMS Bullying Procedures

    What you should do if you or someone you know is being bullied.
    1) Report the bullying incident to an adult and ask to go to the RTC for a student statement paper.
    2) Ask to complete a student statement paper. These papers can be obtained from the RTC or the counseling office.
    a. By completing a student statement paper you will be providing the school with the information necessary to investigate the incident and take measures if needed.
    b. The student statement paper will ask you where the incident happened, who was involved, what happened, and who else may have seen or heard what happened.
    c. Once the students statement paper has been filled out and turned in, witnesses will be called to fill out a statement paper as well. By filling these statements out, the school will have all of the information regarding the incident and will be in a position to deal with the incident.
    d. Students' names are not shared with anyone. The only staff members who will see the papers are the RTC coordinator, the counselor, and the principal.
    3) If you witness an incident, please report it.
    4) Clare Middle School takes bullying very seriously and will deal with it if we are informed about it. Many times incidents occur and we are not made aware of them until the situation gets out of hand.
    5) We need your help, please help us help your child enjoy their time at Clare Middle School and take advantage of the opportunities we are able to present to them.