• Maintenance
    Ken Teall
  • (989) 386.9945

    The Maintenance Department is responsible for the upkeep of all the school buildings and the surrounding grounds as well as the Athletic fields. We strive to keep the buildings safe and maintain an interior environment that is conductive to a good learning situation for our students and staff. We also work to keep our Athletic fields among the best for our student athletes.

    Our grounds person does the bulk of the work on our lawns and fields. They work with the coaching staff to see that the athletic fields are ready for home contests, by cutting the grass, dragging the BB and SB infields and lining the fields. They also mark the practice fields for football, soccer and band. They also do most of the lawn mowing around the buildings.

    The other part of the Maintenance Department work on and in the buildings to maintenance a safe and healthy environment. They maintain the heating systems and the lighting systems. They also work to upgrade the lighting with more cost efficient systems that better light the areas as well as save the district money. Our heating system is computer controlled and tied to the outside air temperature to ensure that we have enough heat to do the job efficiently. We also have and are continuing to install occupancy sensors on our lighting systems to turn off lights when nobody is occupying the space to save operating money.

    The entire department is responsible for the snowing of our parking lots and sidewalks to allow easy access around our campus.