• Data Analysis
  • Our students participate in a number of assessments that can be used to highlight successes and deficiencies within our district. Dibels, NWEA, Meap, EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT/MME along with classroom assessments, projects and daily performance are used to modify curriculum at the individual, course, building, and district levels. Any data needed to assist in making these important decisions can be found on various state web sites (MiSchoolData, Bureau of Assessment & Accountability, Michigan Student Data System, PowerSchool, DataDirector, etc.) and materials sent from the state. Please contact Dwayne Strachan to assist with any data related needs. Dwayne can help retrieve and organize data to be used in crafting your curriculum.

    Individual and group training sessions can be set up to focus on utilizing the tools available to our district. Possible workshops might include:

    • Navigating MiSchoolData - Available data, Organizing the data
    • DataDirector - Multiple factor reporting (demographic, attendance, assessments, etc.)
    • NWEA - Interpreting the RIT score, Tracking growth, DesCartes
    • Excel – Pivot tables, Filtering/Sorting, Concatenate, V-Lookup, etc.