• Most Valuable Pioneer Archive
  • MVP - Most Valuable Pioneer
    Each month while school is in session, we will recognize exemplary employees that make up our exceptional school system. 
    Announcing our first MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer - March 2018 - April Fisher, Bus Driver:
    Congratulations to April Fisher, bus driver for Clare Public Schools. April is a seasoned driver with several years experience in the district. She is respected by students, parents and colleagues. Her attitude is positive and infectious. She drives our big yellow 32,000 pound vehicle with 70 kids pre-school age through 12th grade, and she does so with control on the road and inside the bus. April is always willing to do what it takes to get kids to and from school safely, and she is regularly busing students to a wide variety of destinations on field trips or athletic endeavors. As a bus driver, she's the first to greet many kids in the morning, and the last representative of CPS many see in the evening, and she does so with class. Congratulations April!
    April Fisher
    Announcing the April 2018 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Kat Kruskamp, Middle School Teacher
    Congratulations to Mrs. Kat Kruskamp, middle school special education teacher.  Kat is an exceptional educator.  We are recognizing her this month for going above and beyond normal expectations in helping to integrate two new teachers to the district and special education processes.  She has been a sounding board for our new special educators, helped with writing IEP's, and advised on many cases that are not her direct responsibility in support of students and the district.  All this while supervising a student teacher!  Through it all, Mrs. Kruskamp is a friendly and helpful Pioneer, and does all things with Clare Public Schools in mind.  Congratulations Kat!
    Kat Kruskamp
    Announcing the May 2018 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Dave Teall, Maintenance
    Congratulations to Mr. Dave Teall, the MVP (Most Valuable Pioneer) for the month of May. Dave has worked for CPS for over 40 years, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more dedicated steward of all things Clare. Mr. Teall has a great work ethic and sense of humor, both necessary to stay at this job so long. He can often be found on campus after hours or on weekends just checking to make sure all is well at our facilities. Need something? Asking Dave is the fastest and best way to see that it is done and finished correctly. Thanks Mr. Dave Teall for making Clare a great place to live and learn, and for being an example for us all.
    Dave Teall
  • Announcing the September 2018 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Jann Cleary, Clare High School Teacher
    Congratulations to Mrs. Jann Cleary, the MVP (Most Valuable Pioneer) for the month of September.
    "Incredible" is the word most often used to describe Mrs. Cleary by her principal. Jann is an exemplary representative of the teaching profession, puts in countless hours for kids, and jumps in to help the school and community without hesitation. She's a teacher, coach, BPA leader, yearbook advisor, mentor and friend.
    Congratulations Mrs. Jann Cleary! You make Clare a great place to live and learn!
    Jann Cleary