• Most Valuable Pioneer (MVP) Archive
    Each month while school is in session, we will recognize exemplary employees that make up our exceptional school system. 
  • Congratulations to February 2022’s MVPs (Most Valuable Pioneers), Mrs. Amy Stoddard and Mrs. Erika Dunn, paraprofessionals within our schools.

    Mrs. Stoddard is a very dedicated staff member.  She works at forming meaningful relationships with students and supporting teachers in ways that make learning exciting.  Amy is a hard worker who is also motivated to succeed, but it’s easy to see she is present for students first!  Mrs. Stoddard is a team player whom others look forward to working with each day.

    Mrs. Dunn joined our paraprofessional team this year after regularly subbing in the role in previous years.  She has a challenging assignment, but approaches it all with a positive attitude and looks at behavior challenges as communication and information, rather than labeling kids.  She asks questions, tries a variety of strategies, and finds ways to be effective for students and staff.  Erika is also a very hard worker and team player!

    Congratulations to Mrs. Amy Stoddard and Mrs. Erika Dunn, and thank you for all you do to make Clare a great place to live and learn!


  • Congratulations to January 2022's MVP's (Most Valuable Pioneers) for all they do to create a school that isn't simply "open," but thriving for kids & community:

    Mrs. Kim Kaleto has a positive impact on the District in many ways. In addition to being a respected ELA teacher in the middle school, she also serves as department chairperson, host teacher to a CMU student teacher, and is actively involved in planning & organizing staff social events. Her hard work and dedication in both her profession and hobbies has been an inspiration to many. We're lucky to have her in Clare and wish her the best of luck when she runs the Boston Marathon this spring!
    Kim Kaleto
    Mr. Tony Price is relatively new to us as a maintenance team member, but takes care of our facilities as if this has been his home forever. Due to unexpected illnesses and department changes, his job has been taxing, but Tony fills every role without complaint or hesitancy. He arrives early, stays late, drives bus...whatever it takes for our school buildings and services to be ready for kids. His efforts and character make him a most valuable asset to the District.
    Tony Price
    Mr. Andy Schoenborn joined the high school staff at Pioneer this fall with more than 20 years of experience in the classroom. He sits on several state boards and is also a published author. Andy is best known for supporting students where they are, building relationships with every learner, and setting high expectations. His creative writing class recently presented their work to the Board of Education, and their efforts made for one of our most moving Board meetings ever.
    Andy Schoenborn
    Congratulations Mrs. Kaleto, Mr. Price, & Mr. Schoenborn! And thank you for all you do to make Clare a great place to live & learn!