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  • Current and Former Staff: 2013-2015 SS & Medicare Tax Refund
    Below is an employee waiver which would allow Clare Public Schools to request a refund for Social Security & Medicare taxes deducted from your payroll during the 2013-2015 calendar years on employee contributions to the retiree health care costs for MPSERs. Should you sign this waiver, you are allowing CPS to request the refund for you, and to distribute the refund to you should the courts determine those costs were NOT taxable (still active in the court system, no ruling either way as of today).
    If you choose to have the district claim these refunds for you, you need to sign this waiver and return it to the business office no later than 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 25, 2017. The IRS denied us an extension, so this is a hard deadline. Forms will not be accepted after this time.
    If you wish to claim the refund on your own, those forms are available from the Internal Revenue Service.
    To determine if you are eligible to claim a refund, check your most recent pay voucher:
    If employees have this deduction code displayed on their pay voucher, they are eligible to request the refund for Social Security & Medicare taxes.
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  • Scholarship Opportunities for Women

    Click on the link below for information on scholarship and financial aid opportunities for women:

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  • 13 Reasons Why

    Information: Netflix 13 Reasons Why

    Talking Points: 13 Reasons Why Talking Points

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