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    Each month while school is in session, we will recognize exemplary employees that make up our exceptional school system. 
    Announcing the December 2018 MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: Terri Beatty, Clare Middle and High School Teacher
    Mrs. Beatty teaches drama and sociology to students at CMS and CHS. She is a deeply caring teacher who is respected by co-workers and students alike. You can always tell when a teacher has had a strong impact on students' lives by the number of them who come back to visit well after high school. Mrs. Beatty is a magnetic personality. In addition to her day to day teaching responsibilities, she puts in countless hours working tirelessly to be sure her students have the right props, stage equipment, and scripts. She advises the Drama Club, organizing trips to see productions that would otherwise go unseen by many students in a district the size of CPS.
    Finally, Mrs. Beatty is always willing to jump in and help. She can be found chaperoning spectator buses, organizing lunch time games for students, running the scoreboard at games, or just being a listening ear to a struggling student. Mrs. Beatty is always willing to go above and beyond.
    Clare is a great place to live and learn because of people like Mrs. Terri Beatty! Congratulations, and thank you for being our MVP!

    Terri Beatty

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