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  • Bus Route Changes

    Due to the ongoing bus driver shortage, imminent in our case, our transportation department is working on moving to 7 bus routes from our current 8 routes.  This change will take place starting Monday, April 30th.

    We ask for your patience as we make this transition, as this will impact morning and afternoon route times, and in some cases which bus your student will ride.

    As we make adjustments to routes, we would ask for parent assistance with a few items:

    • Please watch for a note from the bus driver indicating the new anticipated pick-up/drop-off times.
    • Also, if you no longer need busing but previously turned in a transportation request form, please call the bus garage at 386-9569 - this will allow us to improve efficiency of our routes as we make updates.
    • If your student is currently on our drop-off/pick-up roster but does not show up 3 days in a row (without informing the bus garage), we will assume your student no longer needs transportation and forego the stop.

    Routes 1, 7, & 8 will remain very similar to their current state.

    Route 2 will be earlier at most every stop by 5-10 minutes.

    Route 6 will no longer exist.

    Routes 3, 4, & 5 will be absorbing students from all routes...these buses will experience changes in route times.

    A letter will come home from the Transportation Department tomorrow or Friday detailing expected changes for your child.  

    If you decide to transport your child in lieu of busing, please inform the transportation department at 989.386.9569.  This will help us accurately plan and alter routes as quickly as possible for all riders.

    Finally, we have been, and continue to recruit and train new drivers & substitute drivers as they apply...if you know of anyone who may be interested, please have them reach out to Director of Operations Owen Malson, 989.386.9569.

    Thanks for all you do in support of Clare Schools and our kids.

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  • Snow Day/Calendar Update
    Parents and Community Members:
    Per state law, six inclement weather days are automatically forgiven; a waiver may be submitted by the district to forgive three additional days (this waiver was submitted by CPS Administration this week).
    As of April 17, 2018, we have taken ten inclement weather days, making our tentative last day of school Thursday, June 7, 2018. If our waiver requesting forgiveness of three additional days is granted by the state, our last day will be Monday, June 4, 2018. Dates will be adjusted if additional days off are required.
    As soon as results of the waiver request are received, we will post this information.
    Thank you all for your patience as we work through the challenges of a difficult Michigan winter!
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  • 3% Refund

    Update: Refunds for current and former employees have been processed.  The district mailed checks for former employees on March 30, 2018.  ORS FAQs

    The Supreme Court has ruled that PA 75 of 2010, which was in effect from July 2010 until September 2012 and mandated that members contribute 3% of their compensation to the Retiree Healthcare Fund, is unconstitutional and that member contributions (which are currently being held in escrow) shall be refunded to members. ORS is working to implement the Supreme Court’s decision and return contributions to the school districts where the contributions were withheld. These refunds will be issued to members through the school districts. Additional information will be provided to members and school districts regarding the timing and amounts of forthcoming refunds as soon as it becomes available.

    If you have any questions, please email

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  • Physical Plant - Facilities Needs 2017-2026

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  • CTE
  • MVP - Most Valuable Pioneer
    Each month while school is in session, we will recognize exemplary employees that make up our exceptional school system. 
    Announcing our first MVP -- Most Valuable Pioneer: 
    Congratulations to April Fisher, bus driver for Clare Public Schools. April is a seasoned driver with several years experience in the district. She is respected by students, parents and colleagues. Her attitude is positive and infectious. She drives our big yellow 32,000 pound vehicle with 70 kids pre-school age through 12th grade, and she does so with control on the road and inside the bus. April is always willing to do what it takes to get kids to and from school safely, and she is regularly busing students to a wide variety of destinations on field trips or athletic endeavors. As a bus driver, she's the first to greet many kids in the morning, and the last representative of CPS many see in the evening, and she does so with class. Congratulations April!
    April Fisher


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